Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings, cards and prints I’ll do my best to keep updating my pages so I hope you will keep re-visiting to look at new work and events.  

Let me tell you a bit about myself.   

I spent my childhood in Croydon, Kent and Northumberland, returning with my parents to their native South Wales as a teenager.

I qualified at Cardiff College of Art and worked for several years as an Interior Designer and a Graphic Artist. While my children were young I began working as a freelance painter and illustrator and now, more than twenty years later, this is how I still spend my time and make my living.

I’m now based in a studio at the Model House Craft & Design Centre in Llantrisant, a small hill town in South Wales, UK, concentrating on original paintings, prints and illustrations.


I find my inspiration in many ways, including the changing atmospheric landscape, people and life events, colour and texture, light and words.

In my mixed media work I combine inspirational words with atmospheric painting and natural textures. I like to experiment constantly with a variety of subjects and media.

I believe that a successful painting conveys an emotion which is passed on from the artist to the viewer and if I can move someone sufficiently to make them want to live with one of my paintings on their wall, I feel I have achieved something special.

Thanks for listening,


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